Marinella’s story



Marinella’s story is one of a woman who exploited every single minute of her life to live, to discover, to make acquaintances, to organize, to travel, to eat.


Marinella’s story is one of a woman who had the unique ability of meeting and getting to know people, of taking care of them, of  getting them together, of creating strong ties amongst them.


Marinella’s story is one of a woman who felt at home everywhere, in Milan, in Ferrara, in Berlin, in Salzburg, in New York, in Amsterdam, but above all in Lucca and in Siena and, lately, in Engadin.


Wherever she was she found her friends and the things which interested her.


Marinella’s story is one of a woman who in the last fifteen years was able to discover and experience the world of classical music. She enjoyed it to the full, just like all the other things which really interested her, together with her friends of Ferrara Musica, with the Berliner Philharmoniker and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra.


Marinella’s story is one of a woman who before leaving us suffered greatly, for a year and a half.


She did not want to show her illness because gradually, very slowly she was no longer what she wished to appear to us all: strong, full of life and above all independent. She was and she wanted to be a free woman.


Marinella’s story comes to a close in Basel where the professional and extraordinary assistance of the staff of Lukas Klinik and the staff of the Cantonal Hospital  of Basel spared  her the sufferance of the last days and moments.


I thank Marinella for everything she has given me, her children and you all.


I thank her children Federica and Stefano who drew very close to her during these last months.


I thank all those who have helped her during this illness which was so hard to endure.


While saying all this, let us not forget that Marinella’s story is also the story of a woman who has made most of her dreams come true.


And it is this which is really important.


Now she leaves a void which cannot be filled.


I would like to ask you to think of Marinella as she was and act so that her presence in our midst will never be forgotten.